Products for all your ventilation needs

Heat Recovery for all dwelling sizes including Passive Haus Certification and optional cooling
Ducting & Ancillaries
The whole kit and caboodle... including the most important development in ducting since forever!
Intermittent Fans
Classically styled, high quality bathroom and kitchen fans with SMART humidity and timer controls
Continuous Fan
Mixed flow low energy fans for the best balance between performance and noise - for all room types
Central whole house extract ventilation systems with low energy and low noise performance
GIP Products
Greenwood Intelligent Products for Guaranteed Installed Performance (GIP)
Window Vents
Through Frame, Glazed-In and Over Frame - including many colours and controls
A range of 6, 9 and 12" fans suitable for pubs, clubs and more...
Acoustic ventilation for windows and walls up to 55dB(A)
Passive House Design
Our range of accredited Heat Recovery Units

Why choose Greenwood?

we know a lot of stuff... #12 things you should know about Heat Recovery VentilationMVHR is one of the most effective ways of ventilating a new property. With ongoing focus on Guaranteed Installed Performance aka "getting it right", find out key considerations for; Design, Installation and Handover (and what not to do!)More >
When the installers move out and the occupants move in we are still focusing on GIPWe have launched the first ever homeowner registration scheme for Heat Recovery Units - GIP all the way! More >
Guaranteed Installed Performance (GIP) is one of our core principles.It matters to us that ventilation works. Air and is invisible, but you will know if is not effectively extracted from your home. See why GIP is at the root of everything we do.More >

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This video will change everything you know on window fans for housing With domestic burglary in urban areas TWICE the national rate per 1000 homes, security should still be firmly on the agenda for landlords
Curves in all the right places Find out what other key question we should be asking when it comes to Heat Recovery Ventilation.

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