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1 July 2016

New MVHR Range - ComfoAir Q

World Class Heat Recovery Range offers an outstanding 96% heat recovery efficiency and ultra quiet noise performance

From a world class heat recovery performance of 96%, Smartphone app and adaptive summer-bypass/pre heaters that aim for comfort throughout the year, the new generation of Heat Recovery Ventilation units ComfoAir Q offer the best solution for ventilation in modern energy efficient homes.

Featuring 3 models and additional pre-heating and cooling options, the new range ensures the entire process is simple and most effective;

  • Design - Outstanding energy and heat recovery performance for excellent benefits in SAP and for the homeowner.  ComfoAir Q is also Passive House Certified
  • Installation - Innovative design means on-site process is simple with universally handed unit and a range of innovative, space saving ducting
  • Commissioning - the 'dial a duty' feature means when airflow is set for and twinned with the smartphone app, commissioning doesn’t mean trips back and to the unit to increase and decrease speeds
  • Maintenance - ComfoAir Q is linked to our Homeowner Registration scheme which means once it is registered we will ensure we remind people to check and replace their filters in a timely manner

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