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This video will change everything you know on window fans for housing

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With domestic burglary in urban areas TWICE the national rate per 1000 homes, security should still be firmly on the agenda for landlords

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Curves in all the right places


Find out what other key question we should be asking when it comes to Heat Recovery Ventilation.

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A plague on both my houses! A tale of mould, condensation and poor ventilation in student accommodation


By Stewart Hicks, 2 year sufferer of poor ventilation

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Why Accredited Training is Good News for the Ventilation Industry.

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By Krys Wallace, Senior Technical Adviser.

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My First Year in Ventilation

Nicola Webster, Product Marketing Manager, Greenwood Airvac

How my first year went at Greenwood by Nicola Webster

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Four Steps to Avoid Unnecessary Noisy Fans

Is your fan keeping you awake at night?

Is there anything more annoying than a noisy extractor fan?

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It's show time!

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Launch of a new product at an industry exhibition

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Smarter Than Your Average Fan


Can your fan tell the difference between a shower and a warm summer’s evening?

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Two daddy long legs and a load of black muck

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I bet you are scratching your heads and wondering what two daddy long legs and a load of black muck has to do with ventilation?

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What's the point if it isn't doing it's job?

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You might see a bathroom fan and hear it, but how do you know its doing the job its supposed to?

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MVHR: Don't get seduced by SFP alone

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Energy performance in SAP is just one of the key considerations for MVHR specification - don't let it rule your head when choosing a unit - you also need to consider noise, airflow performance and ease of installation to determine total cost effectivenss!

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