Zehnder Group

Zehnder Group

Greenwood Airvac have been owned by the Zehnder Group since 2008.

The Zehnder Group is a successful international group with strong family ties, committed to energy-efficient solutions for a healthy and comfortable indoor climate.

With a story that started in Switzerland back in 1895 with the manufacturing of motorcycles, today the Zehnder Group is a specialist in heating, cooling, fresh air and clean air. In addition to radiators for both the commercial and residential markets, the product portfolio also includes heating and cooling radiant panels, heat recovery ventilation, climate control systems and air filtration units.


Standing for innovation, design and reliability, Zehnder's 4 key business segments are

Read more about the Zehnder Group in our corporate brochure which includes financial, group location, history information as well as a more detailed overview of the key business segment brands in the UK;


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Zehnder Group