GIP our core principle

Our Core Principle is G.I.P

We want to make ventilation easier, better and SMARTer for everyone who interacts with it and, above everything else, make sure it's doing what it is supposed to


We are in the business of providing happiness - to specifiers, to installers, to end users and to homes.

When it comes to ventilation we enable simple Building Regulation compliance and easy time saving installation through the delivery of quiet and discreet ventilation solutions for homes.

We wrap this up through our GIP (Guaranteed Installed Performance) focus which centres around delivering outstanding performance.  This includes a range of Greenwood GIP Products that have been designed to ensure performance is achieved everytime.

Greenwood GIP products offer peace of mind to specifiers and installers - they have 100% adjustability for on-site set-up and commissioning and have been designed with Greenwood SMART technology to ensure performance continues to be achieved once in the installed environment


There's just no point if it isn't doing its job!!!

GIP is a fundamental part of Building Regulation compliance as performance is the most crucial element of any ventilation system.

GIP isn’t just about supplying a product - GIP is an entire process, delivered through many parties' expertise and practical involvement. Our GIP Products are just part of the process which is then underpinned by our technical services department and regional managers who can offer support in design, application and on-site installation training.

"We are a GIP Company and take an integrated view.  We focus our efforts on our services and solutions and adding value - making it easy to achieve compliance, making it simple to install products and making them work SMARTer in the installed environment.

"Whether Guaranteed Installed Performance, or Greenwood Intelligent Products; what we do know is that it's about Getting It Perfect!"
Michelle Sharp, Marketing Communications Manager

Zehnder Group