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Social Housing Ventilation

Ventilation Advice for Social Landlords

Providing effective ventilation to large numbers of housing stock whilst keeping mould and condensation at bay is a difficult challenge.

Ventilation is a fundamental building service for both the health of tenants and protecting the building fabric, therefore it is crucial to ensure that it is doing the job it is supposed to.  

Dealing with the consequences of poor ventilation is costly year after year, therefore implementing a ventilation stratgey across the wide and varying range of housing stock can help reduce budgets and risk of tenant complaints and call outs.

                                         Mould and Condensation

Making the right choices at the planned maintenance stage will help reduce the responsive maintenance call outs and costs associated with the the common issues of mould and condensation.  If the above diagram is a familiar discussion then it is time for a focused and variable ventilation strategy that will ensure the fan (that might be whirring away in the corner of the room) is extracting the moisture from the home at the level it should be.

Why look for cures for condensation when the right ventilation strategy could be the answer?

  • What is your ventilation strategy?
  • How much did you spend on ventilation upgrades last year (usually with bathroom and kitchen upgrades)?
  • How much did you spend on treating mould, damp and condensation last year?

Question 2 and 3 are inextricably linked - getting 2 right will help you reduce 3!

Advice and Information on Ventilation in Social Housing

We have loads of resources available around helping understand ventilation and its link with mould and condensation - we can even come in a discuss any issues you are having and map out a long term solution to curing condensation in homes.

You can read more about;

  • Ventilation Review - getting to the root causes of mould and condensation 
  • Ventilation Effectiveness - type of home, where the fan is installed, occupancy and all the variables that make ventilation work effectively or not in a home
  • Adapting Ventilation to suit the home/tennant and to deliver low energy performance (helping eliminate mould and condensation)

So - Stop reaching for the anti-condensation paint or mould washing the walls - review your ventilation stratgey with us and we can help address the root causes of your condensation issues.  We will also suggest solutions for long term cost saving, building protection and tenant health associated with poor indoor air quality and ventilation.

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