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Ventilation Review

Help cure condensation with a ventilation review

curing condensation in homes

If you are having continuing problems with condensation and mould then your ventilation probably isnt as effective as it should be.

Homes with high humidity levels, condensation and mould are constant headaches for many landlords, homeowners and tenants in the UK.  

These issues are inextricably linked to poor and unsuitable ventilation being installed which isn't performing as it should be... for many reasons.  
The consequences of poor ventilaion are adverse effects on the health of occupants and the building and rising reactive repair costs.


Break to Mould - Have a Ventilation Review

cure condensation with ventilation review from Greenwood Airvac - the first steps in a proactive approach to solving issues with high humidity

Have a look at our Infographic
Stop the Condensation Cycle

A ventilation review is the first step in taking a proactive approach to solving issues with condensation, mould and humidity as well as ensuring that you can offer suitable and effective ventilation for the long term without increasing costs.  Don't just reach for the anti-condensation paint - get the the root cause!

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