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Ventilation Effectiveness

Is a fan just a fan?

'Ive put a bathroom fan in' - does this mean you have effective ventilation in your home? 

Hearing a fan working in the corner of the room doesn't necessarily mean anything at all and issues with mould and condensation are often associated with poor in effective ventilation in homes.

But what makes ventilation ineffective?  
What are the common issues that result in mould and condensation?

  • Unsuitable or incorrect fan choice or application
  • Poor Installation
  • Varrying occupancy levels creating high levels of moisture
  • Insulation improvements reducing natural paths for moisture to escape easily
  • Fuel Poverty and poorly heated homes
  • Tenant tampering with controls reducing the amount and effectiveness of ventilation

Download our datasheet on Ventilation Effectiveness in homes - what should you be considering when choosing a bathroom or kitchen fan - not what should you be selecting to treat and cure condensation in homes e.g. anti-condensation paint

                 Consequences of poor ventilation

Making Ventilation more effective in homes

  • To make ventilation - bathroom and kitchen fans - more effective they must above everything else be fit for purpose - right for the job in hand
  • Cures for condensation are usually treatments including anti condensation paints, mould washes and other anti-fungal treatments.  Wheverer 'cures of condnesation' is published,  information about providing effective ventilation is mentioned, but it is installed performance of that ventilation that is crucial to success
  • Download our datasheet on Ventilation Effectiveness which outlines impacts and consequences - including costs and health!
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