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Ventilation for social housing

Would you drive a car with one gear? If so - what gear would you choose?

We adapt settings and speeds to deliver performance everyday.  
We drive our cars with 5 or 6 speeds and we use our oven on low and high settings, hoovers, hairdryers... the list goes on. AND ventilation should be no different.

So what are these variables and differences in homes that impact on whether ventilation works or not?

what is adaptive ventilation

See our new Infographic which outlines what should be considered when choosing and setting out ventilation choices for bathrooms and kitchens... let us introduce you to a new adaptive and flexible type of ventilation!

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Treat ventilation like heating and hot water

If the boiler wasnt sized correctly it wouldn't do the job - and you would soon work it out - because you would be cold!

If the fan isn't right for the application or the home it is often too late when you work it out - because condensation is already there.

We can't see air - but it is crucial to well being.

The reason why you might have issues with condensation and mould is because your ventilation probably isn't working as effectively as it could.  This is because there are so many variables in homes that impact on ventilation performance.

Adaptive Ventilation will help eliminate condensation and mould in homes because it works

How much did you spend on reactive repairs associated with ventilation last year???

  • Anti condensation paint
  • Mould wash
  • Anti Fungal treaatments
  • Calls out to investigate damp
  • Tentant action via environmental health

Cures and treatments for condensation are far and wide - but in the main they are treatments and sticky plasters.

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