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Adaptive Extract Fans

Adaptive Ventilation is a new type of ventilation which has been designed to help eliminate the costs and health issues associated with poor or ineffective ventilation in homes

Quite simply, adaptive ventilation focuses on ensuring that installed performance can be achieve each and every time no matter what the house and the sitiation


adapting ventilation to help cure condensation and mould in properties
  • We adapt settings and speeds to deliver an outcome every day - we drive our cars with 5 or 6 speeds because we need to drive effectively
  • A fan is no different and many things can impact on whether it does the job it is supposed to do - just hearing it whirring away in the corner doesn't mean it is ventilating

  • What is says on the box - and what it actually does when it is installed can be very different - if the application is unsuitable
  • Across a large housing stock you will have variations in housing type, insulation levels, occupancy etc etc.  This all impacts on how much moisture is present and whether ventilation is effective or not
  • You need to be able to choose a kitchen or bathroom fan that is going to work in all of these environments effectively - or that can be adapted to all of these situations easily

  • Download our factsheet on Adaptive Low Energy Ventilation - see what situations you might need to alter extractor fan settings to ensure performance was achieved 

It's all in the adaptive settings - giving you flexibility to set up the product to ensure it ventilates effectively - and helps cure condensation and mould issues in homes

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