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Adaptive Ventilation

What is Adaptive Ventilation?

what is adaptive ventilation

Adaptive Ventilation is a new type of ventilation which has been designed to help eliminate the costs and health issues associated with poor or ineffective ventilation in homes.  

It revolves around solutions with flexible performance settings that can be tailored to varying requirements in homes because it is unlikely that one single fan can work in every single installation and application!

  • Problem properties with constant and reoccuring condensation issues
  • Insulation improvements that have now sealed up the property e.g. Cavity Wall and Roof Insulation
  • Poorly heated homes that are experiencing high levels of damp and mould
  • Walls, Windows and Ceilings - different installations impact on performance
  • Indoor air quality related health issues 

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You can also Donwload our datasheet -  What is Adaptive Ventilation is & Why you need it

A london based Local Authority said that 50% of its reactive repairs are linked to condensation

Why Why Why?

  • To cure condensation you must get to the root cause
  • Anti-condensation paint and mould washes are TREATMENTS
  • Ticking the 'i've put in a fan' box doesn't mean ventilation is effective or even working!

A Ventilation Review could help you review where you are and understand why you might have continuous problems with mould and condensation.

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