ErP 1.1.16 - Greenwood

ErP 1.1.16

ErP - Energy Related Product Directive

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ErP is the European Energy Related Product Directive which is driving more transparency and informaiton in the matters of energy efficiency.  As a CE marking directive, it provides the eco-design requirements for defined energy-related products or functions.

You will probably already be familiar with Erp in relation to white goods in your homes.
From refrigirators to washing machines, TV's and hoovers, ErP is responsible for the introduction of the Energy Efficiency Label which indicates the energy consumption of the unit. 

From 1.1.2016 Ventilation Products and Units are included within the scope of the ErP Directive

Residential and Non Residential products are included

The ErP Directive categorises ventilation products as follows:

  • Residential Units < 30 watts
  • Residential Units > 30 watts
  • Non Residential Units

For Information Purposes all of the products above must have a Declaration of Performance (DoP) available on the manufacturers website.  The DoP provides the necessary energy performance information and rating A+ G

For further guidance on the ErP Directive you can download our datasheet

All Greenwood Airvac products comply with the requirements of the ErP Directive and the DoP information can be found in the 'download' section of each product page - example DoP for Heat Recovery Vireo HR155WM

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