Coming Soon - CV3 - Greenwood

Coming Soon - CV3

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We are busy putting the finishing touches to the new CV3 which is coming very soon 
If you want to know about it before the official launch, you can register now

It's SMARTer than ever before

Our SMART Technology is bringing more benefits - especially to the performance and commissioning process of the fan on-site - saving you more time and money and givng you the ultimate confidence of installed performance


It's ultra ultra low energy (and has excellent SFP performance)

We talk about energy consumption in cans of baked beans... CV2 cost the equivalent of two cans to run for the entire year.  CV3 is even better - in fact 40% less energy consumption than other market leading products (which takes it from two cans to one!)

CV3 Baked Beans

It's got contactless technology

he first ever dMEV fan to use this technology.


To simplify set up and commissioning on-site in new and existing homes
To allow data transfer from the fan - more than data logging on run times giving landlords info to make informed decisions
To allow home owners to control the ventilation in their home 

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The VIP Preview will give you access to more information about CV3 before it's official market launch.

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