quality ISO9001

Quality ISO9001

Greenwood Airvac is committed to quality and continuous improvement.

We work within a robust quality management system, accredited to ISO9001 standards across our business operations and as part of the Zehnder Group.

Promoting continuous improvement, the system consists of a broad range of processes which cover all aspects of operations and product manufacturing. Audited by BSI twice a year, all processes are visible in and around the business, each with a process owner and a deputy, and are reviewed on a regular basis to ensure quality standards are maintained and improvements are made where applicable.

All products and critical components are manufactured under this recognised quality management system and our quality processes also extend within our supply chain. We conduct regular performance reviews as necessary and ensure a fully integrated approach.

Maintaining quality standards throughout our business is an important focus for us and we are proud of our consistent achievements in very low product return rates and customer satisfaction.

We do this by using best practice as defined in ISO9001: 2008 and have a fully verified Quality Management System in line with the ISO requirements.

We measure its performance monthly through a range of Key Performance Indicators to ensure identification of areas for improvement and best practise, which can be applied in other business areas.

The British Standards Institute continually assess Greenwood against all aspects of the Quality Management System.

A copy of our quality certificate is available on request.

Did you know? We have an excellent quality record and fewer than 0.25% of our products are ever returned to us through a fault in manufacture.

Product Quality Standards.

All Greenwood fans are manufactured within the ISO9001 Quality Management certified by BSI under certificate number FM622320 and are designed to meet the safety requirements of the BS EN 60335-1, BS EN 60335-2-80, BS EN 60335-2-40 and also the electromagnetic compatibility of BS EN 55014-1.

All manufactured products meet the requirements of the IEE Wiring Regulations and are tested at 3rd party accredited test houses for CE marking and for conformity to LV and EMC directives.

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