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Installer Product Training

We have recently been working with a major budget hotel chain and training their contractors on site - in groups of up to 30 at a time!! The benefit to all parties has been outstanding and GIP has been achieved easily and effectively.

It goes without saying that our GIP message extends beyond the products that we provide to our wide range of customers.  To enable GIP (Guaranteed Installed Performance) to be achieved, we act as the driving force, not only by providing products that can easily achieve the right performance but also by providing the necessary training, information and expertise to allow those who are not as close to our products as we are to understand how to do what is needed on-site.

We can offer training in different ways...


We are often out and about and find that on-site is one of the best places to engage with installers. On a regular basis we offer simple and practical training with the products on-site - a toolbox talk!  Before a project starts we can provide a quick overview of the installation, set-up and commissioning processes for our GIP products to ensure a smooth transition from design through to sign-off.

We also have YouTube videos which demonstrate commissioning for installers on-site - you can navigate from your phone and watch a set-up in action rather than reading the installation instructions -

If needed we can even use other methods of communication to suit the circumstances - we are always here to offer support to installers on-site; after all, installer happiness is high on our agenda!

Call us if you have any questions - 01903 777135.

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