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Part F - Means of Ventilation

The Building Regulation requirements are taking us on the next step to reducing carbon emissions in new dwellings as we continue on the road towards Zero Carbon Homes (2016).

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  • With the increased focus on reducing dwelling emission rates, ventilation is becoming increasingly crucial within the living environment.
  • The introduction of two air permeability rates with the default as zero infiltration means that across all dweling types ventilation rates will increase and be 100% provided through the installed ventilation system.
  • This means that some ventilation metholodigies may be more suitable than others to achieve compliance easily.

Importantly, Approved Document F (ADF 2010) also sets out a path for ventilation to become a ‘controlled service’ within a dwelling - the introduction of Guaranteed Installed Performance.

For the first time the ventilation regulations are shifting from ‘design only’ to include onsite installation testing and commissioning by a competent person. Alongside Approved Document F (ADF2010), the Domestic Ventilation Compliance Guide (an associated document to ADF) highlights the importance of installation, commissioining and regular maintenance in addition to good and simple user guides so that the end users know what they are doing.

All together - Guaranteed Installed Performance.

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If you want to download ADF 2010 which came into effect on 1st October 2010, please click here 

If you would like to know more about the new associated document The Domestic Ventilation Compliance Guide - please click here

Download our Building Regulations 2010 document via the download below
It’s a quick overview of the changes and impacts of the new documents with working examples.

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Building Regulation Guide 2010
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