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GIP Guaranteed Installed Performance

The 2010 Building Regulations have introduced a new focus for ventilation in domestic dwellings. For the first time installation, commissioning, operation and maintenance is targeted through regulation compliance – aligning ventilation as a controlled service.

The new Domestic Ventilation Compliance Guide launched with the revisions to ADF: 2010 bring specific requirements for good installation practise and on site requirements for installers to undertake and sign off each installation point.

How important is GIP?

Guaranteed Installed Performance is now a fundamental part of Building Regulation compliance – but, importantly, is in place to ensure that ventilation is doing what it is supposed to be doing for the building and the occupant. GIP is important in both new build and refurbishment situations.

Considering we spend up to 70% of our life indoors, fresh air is a crucial part of our well-being! This is especially important considering new housing standards and the retrospective improvements we are making to our houses including double glazing and cavity wall and roof insulation which increase the air tightness of existing dwellings.

GIP is our core principle...

GIP or Guaranteed Installed Performance is part our make-up and therfore a core part of every aspect of our business from our product and solution offer to our service, support and customer relationship managment- we are about delivering excellent performance throughout out business.


When it comes to ventilation we enable simple Building Regulation compliance and easy time saving installation through the delivery of quiet and discreet ventilation solutions for homes.This includes a range of Greenwood GIP Products that have been designed to ensure performance is achieved everytime.

Greenwood GIP products offer peace of mind to specifiers and installers - they have 100% adjustability for on-site set-up and commissioning and have been designed with Greenwood SMART technology to ensure performance continues to be achieved once in the installed environment


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