Low energy ventilation less than a penny

Less than a penny a day to run

We are experts in balancing energy efficiency with airflow performance - we've got fans that cost the equivalent of two cans of baked beans to run for the entire year!!!

Utilising low energy motors, our products offer excellent energy performances and, for new build, contribute directly to reducing Dwelling Emission Rates in SAP.  For existing homes and refurbishment projects, our intermittent and continuous extract fans use as little as 1 watt in operation! 

We've never 'bean' cheaper...

We are always asked, "how much does a fan cost to run per year?" or, "how much does an MVHR unit or system cost to run per year?"

Read on to find out - with real comparisons against everyday electrical items that we all have in our homes!

Intermittent ventilation - running costs as low as 11 pence per annum!

Did you know…?

Based on 2 hours usage a day, a leading brand games console costs £38.75 per year to run!*


That’s the equivalent of running:

  • 350 Samika LE100 extract fans per year!*
  • 55 Samika LE150 extract fans per year!*
  • Or 35 Select 100 extract fans per year!*

* Samika will cost between £0.11p & £0.70p to run for the entire year, depending on fan size and settings (running for 1.5 hours per day).  All figures based on 12.6p per unit of electricity.

Having continuous ventilation for the entire year costs the equivalent of two cans of branded baked beans!

Did you know…?

Two tins of branded baked beans cost £1.36*

That is the equivalent of our Unity fan's running costs for the entire year!


 * Price based on 415g tin of Heinz Baked Beans from Tesco. Price Checked 07/10/2013.

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