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Product Guarantees

We offer full guarantees on all of our products.

We have an outstanding quality record, with fewer than 0.25% of our products ever returned through a fault in manufacture.  

Please see our standard guarantee periods below.

Full details of our guarantees, including braille and large format versions, are available on request.  Please contact Customer Services on 0870 9001880 or email us at

Intermittent Extract Fans

  2 Year Guarantee 

  •  Samika Range
  •  Select Range
  •  P Fan
  •  SF90
  •  RF90

5 Year Guarantee

  • Omnique
  • Elite

Continuous Extract Fans

2 Year Guarantee

  • Unity CV2GIP

5 Year Guarantee

  • Omnique

Central Extract MEV

2 Year Guarantee 

  • Centair Range

Heat Recovery Ventilation MVHR

2 Year Guarantee 

  • Vireo 
  • ComfoAir

Positive Input Ventilation

5 Year Guarantee


Commercial Ventilation

2 Year Guarantee

  • All commercial products and ranges


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