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Being first at...

Long gone is the notion that ventilation solely consists of a plastic extractor fan whirring away in the corner of the bathroom, often being a nuisance to look at and listen to!

Domestic ventilation really has seen huge transformations and we at Greenwood, with over 140 years' experience, are proud to be responsible for some of the key innovations that make today's products so much different to yesterday's.

Working with our customers across various market sectors and listening to their needs has enabled us to find key areas of value for ventilation specification which resulted in iconic changes to the product portfolio and firsts for the market from Greenwood.

The first dMEV solution.

In the 2006 Building Regulations' revisions four key ventilation methodologies and a performance based approach to ventilation were introduced - and the CV100 from Greenwood was born.  


"The development and launch of CV100 was game changing for Greenwood. The first dMEV solution to the market after the changes to Building Regulations in 2006, it gave the developers the simplest and most effective way to comply with minimal change to their designs; especially because it eliminated the need to significantly increase the number of trickle ventilators required in windows."

First true multifunctional fan!

Omnique was developed as a result of extensive work with social landlords and developers of large groups of housing stock where, over the years of improvements, their houses and flats were left with a varying number of ventilation products. Responsive maintenance call-outs seemed to be getting longer and longer as the extract fan had to be identified before a replacement could be found - sometimes a two or three visit job!  Omnique was the first truly multifunctional fan on the UK market - ideal for one product specifications!!!


"We call it the straight-line approach... you don't need to survey the house or product to find out which fan is installed so that it can be replaced. You can simply take Omnique to any installation and it can be installed and set up to deliver the same method and control of ventilation as the fan that it is replacing - e.g. intermittent or continuous, humidity and timer, pull cord - a straight forward answer to responsive and planned maintenance programmes..."

No more plain Jane - discreet, decorative, silent.

Ventilation with style wasn't something that was high up on the design agenda. However, with constant customer feedback we thought it was about time that some of the aesthetically challenged front grilles were reviewed - without compromising performance of course!

As another first for Greenwood, part of the launch of CV100 (the first dMEV solution to the market) was the launch of the discreet front fascia. Gone was the open louvered grille and in its place was a visually pleasing design that complimented contemporary bathroom and kitchen décors effectively.

"We challenge the norm, that's what we do - and we challenged something pretty fundamental with CV100. The discreet flat grille dramatically improved the appearance of the extractor fan, making it more appealing to our specifiers and end users. So much so that we also introduced decorative versions as well! The design change is one of the most iconic achievements for us as, since then, every fan from every manufacturer utilises this design style... the discreet fascia..."

First mobile BPEC2U mobile training

BPEC is the Domestic Ventilation Installation Training Course, ideal for installers working on-site with Heat Recovery Ventilation and Central Extract.  In alignment with the focus on GIP Guaranteed Installed Performance in Building Regulations, the BPEC accredited course provides installers with the correct way to install and commission systems effectively to comply.

BPEC2U is the BPEC course which we bring 2U - on your doorstep, meaning no overnight accommodation and no travelling expenses.  What's more, the BPEC2U course is delivered in one single day rather than two, saving even more time away from site.

"We have been delivering the BPEC course at our head office since its launch in 2011 and have now decided to take this on the road - taking the skills, expertise and training to the premises of installers or somewhere close by.  We appreciate that time is money and we want to make it as simple as possible - the BPEC2U mobile rig is fully calibrated for use in the practical assessment of the course and can be delivered now in a single day - another first for Greenwood!"

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