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How clean is your air????

MVHR: Think System, Think Unit, Think Ducting

MVHR systems require maintenance at intervals during their lifecyle - just like your car needs an MOT or your boiler needs an annual service.  Since we spend up to 70% of our life indoors, indoor air quality - the air that we breathe is important to our ongoing health.

The thing about MVHR or Heat Recovery as it is commonly referenced is that it isn't just a stand alone unit whicah can be mounted in the loft or in the kitcen cupboard.  Performance of the whole house ventiltion system is dependent of a number of different variables and when it come to maintenance we must think beyond just the unit itself to the SYSTEM.

Filters - Heat Exchangers - Ducting : All of these components need maintaing - is your ducting choice up to the job??

Ducting is as important as the MVHR unit itself and should be included within the maintenance schedule for the ventilation system.  To maintain Guaranteed Installed Performance levels a system approach needs to be integrated, especially when ducting products are usually concealed within the building structure itself.


MVHR Maintenance Schedules for GIP Guaranteed Installed Performance;


GIP Ducting - the only type of domestic ventilation ducting that can be cleaned

The writing if on the wall for domestic ventilation ducting.... with focus on performance, reducing cost and installation time on site and on-going maintenance of MVHR systems, the type of traditional rigid ducting systems may not be ideal to deliver what it needed for the long term.

GIP Comfotube ducting offers many benefits to the developer the installer and then end user;

  • Semi-Rigid Construction = Bend it, Shape it, Any way you want it - this helps to reduce number of components (up to 75% less!) and connections required during installation which dramtically reduces installation time/cost and contributes to performance as it is the connection points that often cause leakage throughout the system
  • Radial Design = GIP Performance as each room is designed to have an individual run helping to achieve in room airflow performance easily and reduce noise transfer
  • Fully maintainable during the lifecyle of the installation in the home - preserving and maintaining indoor air quality for occupants for the long term



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