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Window Vents and Building Regs

Equivalent area, free area, cross ventilation, acoustic issues and more - Read our comprehensive guide to the Building Regulations and understand more about background ventilation requirements.


Push-Fit Vents save time, money and hassle!

Designed in response to our customers wanting a quick solution to installing vents -  pull out the vent from the box and clip it into the rout - no more screws required!


Smallest 5000 Equivalent Area Vent

Where background ventilation rates have signifcantly increased through Building Regulations, space for window vents has become an issue in some developments.

The 5000EA solves this problem - the smallest in the UK at only 410mm long you can reduce the number of openings you need!

Do Not Disturb...

We have extensive acoustic range and work with a number of acoustic consultants advising on applying ventilation to noisy developments

We also offer the UK's highest performing passive wall ventilator (MA3051) which delivers an acoustic attenuation up to 55dB(A), perfect for sites with noise planning restrictions.

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