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Free Fan Recycling!

When you take an old fan from a kitchen or bathroom and replace it with one of ours we will arrange to recycle them!  It's as simple as that.  The old fans will be coming back as plant pots, paint used for road markings and more....


Future proof against condensation

Have you recently improved insulation in your homes? Ensure your ventilation still works effectively and keeps condensation and mould away!


Is a fan just a fan?? Have you chosen the right one?

Just because you can hear it working doesn't mean it is doing it's job!  It's often too late when you realise that ventilation isn't working - when you see condensation and mould.  Are you sure you have chosen the right fan for the job in hand?


Social Landlords - FREE Ventilation Review!

If your costs for mould washes and anti-condensation paint are increasing year on year and your complaints about mould and condensation are too, it's probably because the vetilation in your homes isn't working effectively - What about a Free Ventilation Review?

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This video will change everything you know on window fans for housing With domestic burglary in urban areas TWICE the national rate per 1000 homes, security should still be firmly on the agenda for landlords
Curves in all the right places Find out what other key question we should be asking when it comes to Heat Recovery Ventilation.

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Secured by Design Accredited Window Fan - The most secure in the UK. Where windows are targeted as a means of entry in a home, the fan can also be used to gain access. Omnique is SBD accredited to PAS24:2012 by the Loss Prevention Board and significantly reduces risk for social housing.

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