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Safety Guidelines for Bathroom Fans

Find our more about the Zones of your bathroom or shower room to ensure you make the right fan choice.


Decorative or Discreet - what is your preference?

Whether you want it to blend like a classic white bathroom tile or enhance the chosen décor of the room itself, our fan ranges offer a range of choices so that you dont have to compromise on style...


Does your fan sound like it's about to take off?

Choose the silent fan for 70% less noise in your bathroom - a perfect solution for you all year round! Offering very low running noise and twinned with a pleasing aesthetic finish.

We have the SMARTest extractor fans!

Greenwood HumidiSMART™ (on our humidity fans) knows the difference between a hot summer evening and when you have a shower and only activates the fan when it's the latter... unlike many others!  No more nuisance running in the night!

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Secured by Design Accredited Window Fan - The most secure in the UK. Where windows are targeted as a means of entry in a home, the fan can also be used to gain access. Omnique is SBD accredited to PAS24:2012 by the Loss Prevention Board and significantly reduces risk for social housing.

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