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Omnique Multifunction Fan
Omnique is unlike anything else! A SMART multifunctional ventilation fan offering both intermittent and continuous ventilation options for all room types. Also includes SMART Humidity and SMART Timer control options to further enhance performance and eliminate heat loss and nusiance running. Mixed flow impellor. SMART pad for set up. Five year guarantee.

Greenwood SMART Technology

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Features & Benefits
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Features and Benefits

Omnique is the perfect option for refurbishment projects and provides the solution to the key issues facing today's social landlords including Fuel Poverty, Carbon Reduction, Cost Management and Safety and Security.

A multifunctional extractor fan - you can choose between Continuous and Intermittent running as well as pull cord, SMART timer, SMART humidistat control and SELV extra low voltage - six functions from just one single product: OF100GIP

Four of the key facts you should know about Omnique:

Low running costs.

Omnique is designed using a very low energy EC motor and, therefore, offers very low running costs to tenants. Using as little as 1.1 watts in operation this equates to less than a penny a day to run - or the equivalent of two cans of branded baked beans for the entire year!

A leading brand games console costs £38.75** per year to run based on two hours usage per day. This is the equivalent of running 29 Omnique fans per annum (in continuous mode).

Safe and secure.



Omnique is ideal for window applications and a unique window kit has been designed in conjunction with social landlords and those responsible for advising on secure design in housing.  Featuring a dual-layered vandal proof construction, Omnique's window kit is one of a kind and further cements the benefits of choosing Omnique for all types of social housing projects.



It helps reduces unnecessary heat loss and nusiance running!


With Greenwood HumidiSMART™ and Greenwood TimerSMART™ as standard, Omnique uses the installed environment to boost ventilation effectively in the home. This ensures that ventilation is delivered when it is needed and not when it isn't. For example, Greenwood TimerSMART™ works on occupancy duration to determine the length of time the fan will be in boost mode: in the bathroom for five minutes, overrun for five minutes - rather than a standard 15 minute overrun everytime you flick the light switch!  This helps eliminate unnecessary heat loss and nuisance running noise within the property!

Learn more about SMART Technology



Long lasting ventilation. 

Maintain - Replace - Recycle

With a five year guarantee, Omnique has been designed with long-term sustainability in mind. Components can be replaced during maintenance intervals rather than an entire fan replacement each time, helping to plan ventilation spend for the long-term.



More features and benefits for Omnique OF100GIP:

  • Low running noise - as low as 7dB(A) in continuous trickle mode



  • A one fan specification - ideal to replace all types of fans from all types of housing - just order OF100GIP for all your extractor fan projects!


  • Available with a range of accessories including a picture frame adaptor for concealing larger holes and fixing points when replacing a 150mm fan model (PFAOF100) and the safest and most secure window kit available on the market (EWOF100)



  • Easy and simple set-up via Greenwood CommissionSMART™ touch-pad located on the side of the fan unit



  • 100% adjustable airflow - allowing the installer to correctly set-up the fan on-site and delivering flexibility if increased airflow rates are required, e.g. high occupancy or mould and condensation issues



  • Complies to current ADF:2010 airflow rates for intermittent and continuous ventilation rates



  • A Greenwood GIP product for Guaranteed Installed Performance - making sure it is doing what it is supposed to do
IP24 Rated5 Year GaurenteeCE MARKEDUkas


Physical Specification


These are the typical ancillaries required for the installation of Omnique in an apartment or house - to view ancillaries in more detail, please click here

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