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Samika LE150

Low energy kitchen extractor fan
Samika is a low energy kitchen and utility extractor fan with a whole new concept - it does what it says on the box! The first intermittent extract fan that has been designed to ensure that performance is achieved in every application, Samika is a Greenwood GIP product.

Greenwood SMART Technology

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Features and Benefits

Samika is a brand new concept in ventilation and the first ever intermittent fan to have adjustable speeds for varying installation applications. The philosophy behind the design of Samika LE150 was driven from the need for Guaranteed Installed Performance (GIP) to be achieved in line with Building Regulations. After all - you might see a fan and even hear a fan - but how do you know it's doing its job? Samika is unlike anything else on the market and is also designed with Greenwood SMART Technology.


We are pleased to announce that Samika has been selected as a finalist in the Domestic/Residential Product of the Year category of the Electrical Industry Awards 2013!



  • A Greenwood GIP product - achieve Guaranteed Installed Performance easily
  • Low energy performance using as little as 1 watt in operation
  • Stylish and discreet extractor fan ideal for today's modern décor
  • Six speed set up for window, wall and ceiling applications - assisting in the delivery of the correct performance
  • No under ventilation
  • No over ventilation
  • Axial fan with an ultra-efficient EC motor and low voltage options


What else should you know about Samika?

Six speeds assists GIP - Guaranteed Installed Performance
Independent tests carried out on a range of intermittent extract fans confirmed that where it is installed, e.g. a window, a wall or a ceiling, does impact on performance. With some over ventilating by 57% and some under ventilating by 65%, achieving the correct performance for a particular application is crucial to eliminate issues with noise, mould and condensation or unnecessary heat loss to homes.



  • Low running costs for tenants
    With an ultra-low energy EC motor, Samika has been designed to provide GIP with the lowest possible energy performance, eliminating high energy penalties and heat loss associated with over ventilation (when the fan is doing much more than it needs to!). Samika uses as little as 1.6 watts in operation and on speed 1, the running costs are just £0.11 for the entire year!


  • Greenwood CommissionSMART™
    We want to make the delivery of GIP easy and simple and Greenwood CommissionSMART technology on Samika is delivered through an easy to use, centrally mounted speed selection panel which simply shows speeds 1-6 and requires only a simple button press to select the appropriate installation. 


  • High quality design and manufacture
    Samika has been designed and manufactured within ISO9001 quality principles and processes and is backed up by a full guarantee with a minimum of two years. Since 1879, Greenwood has been supplying residential solutions for homes yet still today we have an outstanding record of fewer than 0.25% of products ever returned through a fault in manufacture! 


  • Greenwood TimerSMART™
    The age old saying - time is money - rings true here. With typical and standard overrun timers there is always a pre-set overrun time, e.g. 15 minutes. Why? Greenwood TimerSMART uses occupancy duration to determine the overrun time period each and every time the fan is in operation. For example, in the bathroom for 10 minutes - overrun for 10 minutes - with a maximum of 15 minutes. Designed to save money and remove nuisance overrun noise in the middle of the night.



  • Greenwood HumidiSMART™
    When it’s a hot and humid summer evening, a typical humidistat fan will boost into action; not because someone's in the shower, but because ambient humidity is high. It can’t distinguish between them because it works off a generic activation point. Greenwood HumidiSMART is a patented technology which responds only to man-made spikes in humidity caused by showering, bathing and cooking. It works with the living environment to know the normal level of humidity at any given point in time. When a rapid increase from this point is sensed (a man-made activity) it activates the boost accordingly. Designed to save unnecessary over ventilation and heat loss and, most importantly, nuisance running noise - especially in the middle of the night!




Models & Control Options



These are the typical ancillaries required for the installation of Samika in an apartment or house - to view ancillaries in more detail, please click here

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