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Samika bathroom and kitchen range

Samika SMART fan
Samika provides ventilation for bathrooms (100mm or 4" ) and kitchens (150mm or 6") and offers adaptive performance to ensure that, once installed, the right aiflow rate is always achieved. Manufactured with an ultra-low energy motor and available with a range control options including timer, humidistat and SELV extra low voltage.

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Features & Benefits
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Features and Benefits

Samika is an intermittent and adaptive low watt fan like no other and has been designed to ensure that, no matter how or where you install the fan, the performance is achieved - after all, you might hear a fan or see a fan in your bathroom but how do you know it's doing its job?

  • Samika has a six speed selection at the front of the fan for installers to choose the type of installation, e.g. wall, ceiling or window. The point of the six speed set up is that ducting, walls and orientation of installation ALL IMPACT ON PERFORMANCE! We need to make sure that, wherever you choose to install it, it will be doing its job!


  • 100mm/4" model for bathroom extraction (LE100, LE100PC, LE100T, LE100HT)


  • 150mm/6" model for kitchen extraction (LE150PC, LE150MA)


  • With adaptive set up, Samika can help eliminate the risk of mould and condensation in homes


  • Includes SMART timer and SMART humidistat controls - click on the SMART icons above for full information


  • IPX4 rated


  • Discreet fascia for aesthetically pleasing finish


  • The latest innovation in ventilation technology - making sure it does what it says on the box!


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