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Unity CV2GIP

Continuously running bathroom or kitchen fan
Unity revolves around a one product concept and provides continuous ventilation for bathrooms and kitchens through a single unit. It includes SMART sensors as standard.

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Features and Benefits


Unity CV2GIP is a continuously running fan which is ideal for bathroom or kitchen installations. Revolving around the one product concept, Unity runs continuously at very low levels with one objective: a high level of air changes - effectively meaning a consistent level of extraction and good indoor air quality is achieved, all without the penalties of high energy use or noise. Unity uses as little as 1 Watt in operation and, in trickle mode, its operating noise is as low as 10dB(A).


  • Unity is perfect for installations where mould and condensation may be an issue as it provides a high number of air changes throughout the day


  • For bathrooms or kitchens from one single 100mm unit


  • Trickle for continuous and boost speeds can be set up in accordance with Building Regulation rates


  • SMART Pad located at the front of the unit allows easy set up at the point of installation and gives 100% adjustability of airflow for the fan - so, if there has been a problem with condensation, the airflow rate can be set even higher


  • Low energy motor - as little as 1 Watt in operation costing £1.50 to run per annum!


  • Extremely quiet running so no more nuisance noise


  • Includes SMART timer and SMART humidity control options


  • Greenwood HumidiSMART™ uses man-made rises in humidity to activate the fan rather than being pre-set to react to changes in ambient humidity, e.g. a warm summer evening


  • Greenwood TimerSMART™ uses a logical approach to an overrun timer - in the bathroom for 5 minutes, overrun for 5 minutes - compare this to most products with a standard 15 minute overrun timer!


  • IP24 rated


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