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Vireo HR155CM

Heat Recovery for whole house ventilation
BRAND NEW - For inline or ceiling mounting and suitable for apartments and small houses up to 110m². Includes the latest in Greenwood SMART technology for easy commissioning and right or left handing at the touch of a button! EST Best Practise Performance at 93% efficient

Greenwood SMART Technology

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Features and Benefits


  • Manufactured in the UK
  • A Greenwood GIP Product 
  • EST Best Practise - 93% heat efficiency and 0.75w/l/s
  • Suitable for apartments and small houses up to 110m²
  • Up to Kitchen + 3 additional wet rooms 
  • Includes SMART Technology with the first ever commissioning wizard!


Other Key Benefits of Vireo HR155CM:  DOWNLOAD DATASHEET 

  • Greenwood CommissionSMART™ for the quickest set up!
    In just 8 simple steps, Vireo can be set up and commissioned - all via an 'iPod style' controller located at the front of the unit. This simple and easy process contributes to GIP being achieved whilst keeping installers happy with fuss-free onsite requirements


  • True Summer By-Pass : Unlike others, it provides 365 days of Fresh Filtered Air
    Greenwood SummerSMART technology has been designed to reduce issues with overheating in the summer so that the unit bypasses the heat recovery function in warmer months. Vireo's summer by pass is TRUE.  

    When the by-pass is activated it continues to provide supply air to the dwelling, maintaing a balanced ventilation system for the home.  It doesnt just slow down or shut down the supply air.  

    It isn’t filter by-pass either (unlike many other units on the market).

    Greenwood SummerSMART technology really is SMART and has been designed to maximise comfort at all time and ensure Indoor Air Quality is maintained.

  • Innovative Condensate Connection: 70%* quicker install time can easily be achieved on-site
    As a result of working directly with installers, we have developed revolutionary technology DISO (Dual Inlet Single Outlet) which enables Vireo to the be the only true universal product on the market.

    DISO allows condensate to be collected on either side of the unit without issue. The unit can simply be handed (Right or Left) at the touch of a button after installation through the set-up wizard. This removes the need to hand the unit on site which usually involves a lengthy disassemble of the product, adding more risk to the overall installation.

  • Greenwood HumidiSMART™ for Guaranteed Installed Performance
    Vireo's boost ventilation rates can be controlled by humidity levels in the property. Greenwood HumidiSMART is patented technology that uses man-made spikes to boost ventilation, rather than waiting for a generic point to be reached. This ensures the system uses the living environment to boost ventilation when it is needed rather than in response to ambient rises in humidity e.g. a hot humid summers evening!

  • Semi Rigid Ducting Option - BEND ME, SHAPE ME, ANY WAY YOU WANT ME ducting
    ComfoTube Semi Rigid Ducting is a revolutionary development in ducting for residential ventilation installations. Perfect for whole house heat recovery, ComfoTube is supplied on long rolls and can minimise connections by up to 75%! Designed with a strong and crush resistant construction, ComfoTube is a radial ducting system which dramatically reduces any issues with noise and air leakage as each room is provided with an individual run, ensuring specified ventilation rates can be met easily. No sealants or tapes are required with ComfoTube installations - Winner of Housebuilder Products Brand new Product of the Year 2013.

     Watch ComfoTube in action in a 3Bed + MVHR


Models & Control Options


Physical Specification


These are the typical anciallaries required for the installation of Vireo HR155CM in an apartment or house - to view ancillaries in more detail, please click here

These are the typical anciallaries required for the installation of Vireo HR155WM in an apartment or house - to view ancillaries in more detail, please click here

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