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  • Referb

    Referb over-frame system is suitable for replacement windows and is ideal for window profiles that can't accept slotvents easily. Installed above the window profile with only a small glass reduction. Available with a range of slotvent options. White only. Manufactured from PVC.


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If the window profile can’t easily accept through-frame vent options, or there is a need to protect the structural integrity of the frame, our over-frame options offer the best solution. Installed at the top of the profile, and covering the entire length of the window, the central vent opening provides the necessary air path to meet Building Regulations and, as it becomes part of the complete window system, provides a pleasing aesthetic finish.


All Greenwood products are tested at third party UKAS accredited test houses to all current British and European standards:

BS EN 13141-1:
2004 Ventilation for Buildings

BS EN 1026:
2000 Air Permeability

BS EN 1027:
2000 Watertightness

BS EN ISO 717-1:
1997 Airborne Sound Insulation

Equivalent area

Equivalent area detailed in the models and control options' table is tested in accordance with BS EN 13141-1 Airflow Rate pressure tests. All test information is provided by independent UKAS accredited test establishments. All products are tested to current British and European standards.

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