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Our Acoustic Vents | Passive air vents range

  • 2500EA/5000EA

    Smallest acoustic window vent providing 5000mm² equivalent area ventilation on the market whilst achieving Building Regulations' EA requirements along with acoustic performances up to 45dB(A)
  • EAR42W

    EAR42W is an acoustic window vent suitable for new build and refurbishment and can be applied to most window profiles with add on sections. Provides acoustic performance of 42dB(A).
  • DN Vent

    DN Vent provides 37dB acoustic attenuation and provides 1400mm2 equivalent area. Available in white and supplied with D Vent for inner vent installation. Manufactured from PVC.
  • MA3051

    Highest performing acoustic wall ventilator in the UK - the MA3051 is ideal for new build applications where noise planning restrictions are in place. Providing up to 55dB reduction and suitable for wall thicknesses of 140mm and above. Supplied with white external grilles.
  • AAB

    The classic acoustic airbrick is suitable for new build and refurbishment applications and delivers an acoustic performance of 46dB(A). Provides 2500mm2 equivalent area.
  • AWV39

    The AWV39 passive wall ventilator is suitable for new build and refurbishment projects and provides an excellent acoustic attenuation to 39dB(A).


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