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What is Central Extract (MEV)?

Central Extract Ventilation (MEV) is a whole house ventilation methodology ideal for new build apartments and houses.

Consisting a centrally mounted extraction unit, usually located in a loft space or cupboard, it is then ducted around the house to each wet room (bathroom, kitchen) where a ceiling valve acts as the point of extraction.

Central Extract or MEV is a recognised ventilation methodology (System 3) in ADF:2010 and a proven low energy and efficient way of ventilating a new or existing dwelling

                            MEV Ventilation Methodology


Building Regulation Requirements ADF:2010

The Building Regulation ADF: 2010 set out the airflow requirements for System 3 MEV Whole House Extract Ventilation in the table below (using the continuous extract airflow rates)

Building Regulations Part F

In order to calculate the airflow rates for a particular dwelling and specify a unit you need to know the following information:

1. Design Criteria e.g. >5ach @ 50Pa or <5ach @ 50Pa
2. Floor Area of Dwelling
3. No of wet rooms
4. No of occupants

Background Ventilators: In order to ensure replacement air and cross ventilation throughout the property dwellings which have a higher insulated design criteria of <5ach@50Pa will require 2500mm2 equivalent area per habitable room. 


Our Central Extract range

  • Centair CMEV.4e/HT

    The low energy Centair continuously running whole house extract system is ideal for apartments and houses. The HT model is available with additional SMART technology for humidity and timer sensor controls.


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